Red Square Building New Awning Proposal


Existing black canvas awning


A - Translucent-light colored (glass or acrylic) wire or chain hanging awning, covering the internal width of the lobby

This awning allows natural light in the lobby and gives more external surface protection from sun/rain etc improving the look of building with a permanent sleek structure.

Few preliminary proposals for the awning of the main entrance to Red Square.

I am proposing a permanent awning, hanged with cables (or alike) with no support from the ground, freeing the sidewalk for pedestrians and avoiding parked bikes.

The structure would be of metal framing, anchored by cables to the four front columns. This framing would support the panels of glass and / or metal. The awning can cover the entrance or the full lobby length of 36 feet. The current awning’s width of 10 feet outward can be maintained.


The length of 36’ can be covered by 9 panels of 4’ x 10’.


** (Please note the actual materials and lengths to be used would depend of architectural / structural design requirements.)


 The Panel material possibilities could be:  


1. Glass (tempered or security), acrylic or alike. It would be ideal for the open feeling and natural light transmission to inside the building.

2.  Sheets of solid metal with cut out designs and images with or without a glass top surface

3.   Sheets of metal mesh with cut out designs + images, adding full glass or acrylic sheets as cover for weather protection.

4.  Combination of clear and metal sheets: 3 central panels covering the door entrance with three metal sheets on each side. The design can give unity to the panels




All materials, designs and placement of artwork will be work with and certified by the architect / structural engineer as required for permitting.


Artwork Proposals: semi opaque-opaque images on pale blue translucent background.


1 Under water and detail


2 Monarch migration


3 Birds flying and resting


4 Birds flying


5 Herons


6 Spring (posible detail)


7 Dragonflies feast


8 Swirls

9 Prisms on cutouts

10 Under water with movement effect produced with light


Samples of the mesh-solid panel look

Design will be done as cutouts and the openings will be covered with translucent (glass or acrylic) images.


B - Awning of solid metal sheets



C - Awning of metalic mesh sheets with acrylic or glass for weather protection, the design will be done as in the solid metal in the proposal B


D - Combination of metal and glass: translucent on the entrance area and metal on the sides, the continuation of the design will give unity to the parts.

13 Central panels clear-side panels metal mesh

14 Central panels clear- side panels solid metal

15 Central panels clear- side panels mesh and solid metal





Lobby's Lady