Right elevator panel

Proposals :



School Panel

One fish Panel


Fish :


Glass mosaic inlayed in carved wood




wood panel painted with multiple layers and carved (to house the tiles and to give the water "movement")


1- School Panel (fish in glass tiles - inlayed in carved wood so the fish are flash with the surface)

Sample of the technique :

The layers of dark blue paint -underneath the light blue- are seeing in the borders of the carved lines .

(I like better the lines of on the very top draw water)

- The carved wood can be left natural or stain with transparent dyes

Close up (please note that this is a fast made sample, not even the tiles are glued!) :

2-One fish panel

Sample of carved wood -Sink Cabinet- plywood not painted showing the multiple layers of wood in the lines and pocks:

Another sample of inlayed mosaic in wood - Mandala rug- part in the process of putting and cementing the tiles: