"You, my dear, exhibit a textbook case of anorexia nervosa." This statement from a renowned eating disorder specialist takes Susan Richards out of her denial and on a quest to become the strong, passionate woman of her inner identity. But to do so, she has to overcome the demon that has resided in her for two decades.
At 26 years old, Susan admits herself to a psychiatric hospital in New York City as a subject in a research protocol in exchange for free treatment. As Susan proceeds through the program she experiences flashbacks that provide her with an understanding of how her eating disorder manifested. With the support of the hospital staff, a bond with Marcy, a 16 year-old bulimic, and an intense crush on her recreational therapist, Susan finds the will to persevere against the fury of the demon.
Can't You Hear Me Knocking, is raw, powerful and honest look at one woman's search for sexual identity and overcoming of traumatic experiences. It's a story of spirit and how hope can pull one through their dark night of the soul. And emerge victorious.

Can't you hear me? Synopsis
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