This are my last works ...
you can click for magnifications!
Bracelet leather with wooden spikes
Leather choker with turquoises 1
Leather choker with pearls 2
Leather choker with black pearls
Long black cultivated pearls
Iron mesh bracelet, pearls and coconut disks
Iron mesh bracelet, cables and gold caps
Opalescent glass necklace
Sterling silver chain,tiny pearls as eyes of glass insects

Baroque cultivated black and white pearls gold Chinese bathed pieces and broach.

Non precious metal chains with cultivated baroque pearls, white copper and black.


I love the subtle shine

of pearls the colors of turquoise,

Microchip, resistors, white & black pearls, silver chain

the hidden complexity and meanings

of techno components...

Baroque white & black pearls , double silver chain

Baroque white pearls, silver chain .

Turquoise + white pearls, silver chain .


Frogs (24k gold electrobath) opalescent glass


Cooper baroque & tinny white pearls, silver chain

Baroque pearls and garnet,silver chain .

Gold & white pearls, silver chain .

Baroque pink pearls + Japanese beads .

Baroque pearls and garnet .

Capacitors & black pearls, silver chain .

Capacitors, black & white pearls, silver chain .

turquoise, cobalt glass, holographic + 24k gold electroplate bath beads

Capacitors & white pearls, silver chain .