Mahakala is a fierce protector of all Tibetan Buddhism, important spiritual protector deity also known as 'the lord of the wind', and 'the great black one', a great guardian of the Dharma. Mahakala takes a terrific form to conquer the most horrible realms of existence. He helps beings overcome all negative elements, especially spiritual ones, personified and symbolised by the fearsome creatures over which he becomes lord.

His three eyes signify his power to comprehend the past, present, and future. His five-skulled crown is symbolic of the five poisonous delusions which plague our mortal existence. These are anger, desire/greed, ignorance, jealousy/envy, and pride. Spiritual obstacles are not caused by external circumstances, but by inner defilements, the inner force of Mahakala is invoked to vanquish these problems

He stands upon a sun disc signifying illumination which itself rests upon a full-blown lotus, symbolizing undefiled purity.

The face is still with the adhesive film and the flames are in reverse still without the mesh, this work is being done in reverse method, with fiberglass mesh in the back.

This is the proportion with Craig next to Mahakala

framed/inlayed in a gilded cut out wood, and detail

Technicalities: Detail with film on top with the tessera being 'sandwiched' between plastic film and fiberglass mesh, an overkill security for shipping!

At the bottom is possible see the work in progress reversed with the layers of wood for temporary support, paper with the sketck-guide for the image, adhesive film with the 'glue up' to hold the tiles, tiles being placed in reverse and finally the fiberglass mesh.

Later on the work will be cut in sections for easier handling, buttered with epoxy cement and placed on top of a buttered final support. The adhesive film will be removed as soon all parts of the work are in place, yes, before the cement is dry! (the good part of the presence of the mesh) and the surface will be cleaned. This extra epoxy cement as deep grout gives a very strong grip for all the small pieces! Later on I will grout with cement with acrylic additive for straight and certain elasticity (I work with white cement with pigments if vibrant color is required)

Hum Hum Mahakala praside praside Hrim Hrim Svaha