Colors Portraits can be done Monochromatic, in shades of gray or brown, or polychromatic.

Background can be mirrored, plain color, following the photo or not.

Size Minimum size is life size (1:1)

Price $450 first sq.', $ 350 sq.' additional, for one figure, venetian glass mosaic mounted on wood.

Base can be rectangular, cut out wood can follow the figure or at request.

Base Material can be wood, glass hardyboard etc.


Possibilities of Portraits :

o Polychromatic, black background.

Recreation of a 'Young girl with a pearl earring' of Vermeer


o Polychromatic, mirror background. Semi transparent glass tiles on glass base.

Original photo.

Light from behind

Illuminated from the front


o Monochromatic, mirror background.

Shades of gray venetian tiles on wooden base, mirror background


o Monochromatic, with color accent

Portrait in progress.Venetian glass on wood, with subtle 2nd figure in the background.


o Monochromatic, cutout figure

Portrait in progress. 6 feet tall Venetian glass on cutout wood


o Polychromatic, cut out wood base on gilded background

Mosaic in progress. Venetian glass on cutout wood

o etc.- etc....